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Introducing Beuchat’s cutting edge freediving electronic depth gauge, the MUNDIAL

Introducing Beuchat’s cutting edge freediving electronic depth gauge, the MUNDIAL(click to enlarge)

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Introducing Beuchat’s cutting edge freediving electronic depth gauge, the MUNDIAL

LAKE WORTH, FL – June 4, 2010 – SpearoTek, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Beuchat International in the U.S., announced today that Beuchat continues to reinforce its innovative position in freediving and spearfishing with the introduction of their cutting edge freediving electronic depth gauge, the MUNDIAL

Dedicated to Freediving
The MUNDIAL freediving electronic depth gauge has been meticulously designed specifically for freedivers. Detailed information displays, multiple alarm options, and independent timer options are just a few of the many innovative functions which will meet the needs of the most demanding freedivers and spearfishers. 

Detailed Dive Information
During the dive, the MUNDIAL displays the current depth, elapsed dive time and alarm notifications.  With the push of a button the diver can access a countdown timer, temperature and the current time.  Upon return to the surface, the diver is presented with the maximum depth, total dive time, dive number for the day, and the current surface interval timer. Again, with the push of a button, the diver can access additional timers, current temperature, current time, dive log, dive history, and more.

Informative Dive History and Detailed Log
In Log mode, the Beuchat MUNDIAL offers detailed dive reports.  While scanning through up to 99 previous dives, the diver can review maximum depth, pre-dive surface interval, elapsed dive time, dive number for the day, time of day the dive began, and minimum recorded dive temperature. In addition, replayable dive profiles with one second precision for each dive can be easily viewed.
In History mode,  total dive time for the history of the electronic depth gauge (up to 1000 hrs), total number of dives (up to 9999 dives), all-time maximum depth, all-time maximum dive time, and averages for depth, time, and number of dives per day are all available.

Safety and Training Benefits with Multiple Alarms
The Beuchat MUNDIAL freediving electronic depth gauge offers increased safety and excellent training benefits through the use of its multiple, user-configurable alarms. Elapsed dive timer alarm, repeating depth interval alarm, and descending depth alarm (up to three separate depths can be set), are all essential in pushing the diver’s limits through freedive training. The surface recovery timer with alarm is especially beneficial for spearfishers, as it assists the diver in reaching safe recovery intervals while maintaining focus on the catch below and on the surrounding environment.

Maximum Performance in an Intuitive and Modern Design
Packed with performance, the Beuchat MUNDIAL is ideally suited for all types of freediving and spearfishing, whether recreational or competitive. With its high visibility display, easily accessible buttons (even when wearing gloves), and elegant design, not only is it the ultimate freedive electronic depth gauge, but it also serves as an excellent every day watch with dual time zones.

Founded in the 1930s, Beuchat has been involved in the development of all aspects of underwater activities. SpearoTek, Inc. is a leading U.S. wholesale distribution company for the most innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment from around the world. Through extensive research, development and testing, SpearoTek, Inc. is first when it comes to bringing cutting-edge spearfishing technology to U.S. markets.

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