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SpearoTek, Inc. Announces Sole U.S. Distributorship of Industry-Leading Beuchat International

SpearoTek, Inc. Announces Sole U.S. Distributorship of Industry-Leading Beuchat International(click to enlarge)

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SpearoTek, Inc. Announces Sole U.S. Distributorship of Industry-Leading Beuchat International

LAKE WORTH, FL —December 26, 2008— Today SpearoTek, Inc. announced a groundbreaking partnership with France-based spearfishing equipment market leader Beuchat International. The partnership enables dealers across the country to immediately have access to hundreds of products previously unavailable to U.S. markets. SpearoTek, Inc. is a leading U.S. wholesaler of worldwide spearfishing and freediving gear, while Beuchat has, for more than 60 years, revolutionized the sport. The partnership brings Beuchat’s experience directly to dealers throughout the United States and will go a long way toward bringing the sport into the twenty-first century for American divers.

“We are thrilled to bring Beuchat spearfishing equipment to U.S. dealers,” said Richard Meder, president of SpearoTek. “In particular, we are looking forward to introducing the Marlin Carbone Elite, the speargun used by Pedro Carbonell, triple World Champion, who has not stopped boasting about it. In addition, the Mundial Camo wetsuit—an open-cell neoprene, titanium suit—will be a new top-of-the-line camouflage wetsuit that spearos will be very excited about.”
The sport of spearfishing has steadily gained popularity in the U.S., and demand for the best gear is now higher than ever. Until now, however, many of the innovations and technologies readily available in other countries have remained unavailable to U.S. enthusiasts. SpearoTek has positioned itself to address this gap, and the partnership with Beuchat is a prime example of how SpearoTek is revolutionizing the sport in the U.S.

“At SpearoTek, we spend our nights scouring the equipment available outside of the U.S. that fills in the gaps of what is available here,” said Ulises Suarez, vice president of SpearoTek. “Once we find the very best gear, we spend our days testing it and not by trying it out in the community pool.” SpearoTek uses a network of spearos around the country to extensively test every piece of gear before bringing it to market. When unable to find a product they are seeking to bring to market, SpearoTek, Inc. is also set up to manufacture it in-house.

SpearoTek, Inc. is a leading wholesale distribution company for the most innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment from around the world. The Company offers U.S. dealers gear previously unavailable in the U.S. by negotiating partnerships with leading manufacturers world-wide, as well as manufacturing its own equipment. Through extensive research, development and testing, SpearoTek, Inc. is first when it comes to bringing cutting-edge spearfishing technology to U.S. markets.

Founded in the 1930s, Beuchat International is the worldwide market leader in the fields of scuba diving and spearfishing. Distributed around the world into 80 countries, Beuchat has been involved in the development of all aspects of underwater activities including the invention of both the isothermal diving suit and the “Jet Fin,” a product used by military and commercial divers around the world.

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