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XXVI World Spearfishing Championship

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Congratulations to Spain's Joseba Kerejeta - World Champion!  Loannis Sideris (Greece) - Second Place, and Pedro Carbonell (Spain) - Third Place.  We would also like to congratulate Harolf Dean, Mike Hickey, and Miguel Guinovart (Mojarra) of Team USA for an excellent competition.  Harolf placed 10th overall and Team USA came in 8th overall!  -  C.M.A.S. (Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques) sponsors a World Spearfishing Championship every two years and usually limits participation to the top 20 of its member countries. CMAS is a worldwide organization for underwater sports and currently has approximately 35 countries as members. Each World Spearfishing Championship is typically held at a different dive location around the World. In 2004 it was held in Iquique, Chile. In September 2006 (the 25th CMAS World Spearfishing Championship) it was held in Sines, Portugal.  This year it was held on October 23-26th at Isla de Margarita in Venezuela.

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