Company Information - SpearoTek, Inc.

About Our Company

SpearoTek, Inc. is a wholesale distribution company bringing you, the elite spearfishing and freedive equipment dealers of the United States, the latest innovations in gear from around the world!  As you are well aware, the sport of spearfishing is gaining popularity at an alarming pace in the US.  The demand for the best gear available is at the highest it has ever been, but the gear just isn’t there.  At least not in the US; not until now that is!  At SpearoTek we spend our nights scouring over the equipment available outside of the US that fills in all the gaps in what is available here, and we spend our days testing it.  Not by trying it out in our community pool, but by putting it to work spearfishing all over the US!  When we find something excellent, innovative, and unavailable to spearos in the US, we negotiate feasible partnerships with the manufacturer and bring these exceptional products to you!

When we can’t find the most innovative product through our exhaustive research and testing, we don’t just give up.  If we discover the need for a piece of gear that isn’t available to us by any means, or what is available to us just doesn’t cut it, SpearoTek, Inc.‘s Engineering & Manufacturing division gets to work on it!  At SpearoTek we are truly dedicated to the advancement of the sport of spearfishing in the United States and we are excited to keep bringing you the best of the best.

Please check back in the near future for more information about SpearoTek, Inc.