SpearoTek Distribution

As the United States’ leading wholesale distribution company for the most innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment from around the world, SpearoTek, Inc. is committed to negotiating ground-breaking partnerships with leading manufacturers world-wide. If the equipment SpearoTek, Inc. seeks to bring to market does not exist, then the company is set-up to manufacture it in-house. As such, SpearoTek, Inc. offers U.S. dealers a wide range of equipment previously unavailable to them and enables spearos across the country to experience the most reliable and up-to-date gear from anywhere in the world, including SpearoTek’s own manufacturing facility. Through extensive research, development and testing, SpearoTek, Inc. is first when it comes to distributing cutting-edge spearfishing technology to U.S. markets. SpearoTek—bringing the best of the world to your local dive shop.